Respect our colleagues’ opinions, time, and choices.
Respect our surgeons.
Respect our surgical staff.

Earn, NOT entitled

We earn our work through our quality, patient care, professionalism, and relationships.
We see the hospital administration as our partner, the surgeons as our clients, the staff as our teammates, and the patients as our responsibility.


We hold ourselves to the newest standards of Anesthesia care (board certification requirements, anesthesia techniques, quality measures).


We own our mistakes, whether professional or personal, and we rectifty the mistakes we have made.


We talk TO each other, not about each other.

Always ask for help or to help

We commonly hear, “do you need a hand?”, “can I offer you some help?”, or “can I help?”. Asking for help is to be respected and encouraged.


We remain humble and grateful for our education and our ability to care for our patients.

Only spend what we have

We run a sustainable financial model.


We strive to bring joy into our professional and personal lives.


Anesthesia is not all we do – we are preoperative physicians!